Here is the doom mod I played in ’94 when I first scored Doom II:
XMAS Nightmare!
It scored pretty low in modern times though it was from ’94 but come on guys, this is my childhood you’re ruining!

Here’s a happy little Doom mod from Christmas, just last year!

Though it does not have new levels, it has all new sprites (enemies) and resources (textures and music) so you can boot up literally any vanilla/90’s doom 2 level or level mapset at the same time with something like ZDL and have a blast!

Finally, in the realm of Doom, here is the ENTIRE Christmas folder at /idgames — doomworld:

1990 RAP TAPE!
I still OWN this tape! This is a hell of a throwback just in time for christmas 2021 by Crew X.

DOWNLOAD MP3S Merry Christmas!!!

And for a song from one of my “later after the 90’s” favorite 90’s bands “The Dandy Warhols” here’s an odd video “The Little Drummer Boy”

They released this BEFORE their very first album.

And no Christmas is complete without a couple “Weird Al” Yankovic spins on XMAS, with some unofficial videos!

If you would rather the official video for Christmas at Ground Zero! 1986

Feel free to comment all your favorite christmas junk and links below ;) I’d enjoy to see what you have for us all.



I have been using Neocities as a host since January of 2019. So far I have nearly 400,000 visitors. Unfortunately for now, I cannot even pay my bill. Normally it was autopay but due to a hacker stealing through paypal I removed all my cards from everything for good. So for now I cannot edit, add, or do really anything with the files up there, because I’m not currently a supporter. If I had less than a gigabyte I could, so don’t let me sway you from using Neocities in the future if curious. Anyways I will not update my main website until a drastic upgrade in the middle of December.

As for music, either my dog chewed a cord or the kids messed up my configuration, but I do not have sound on my computer currently. I was listening to old stuff I found I thought I had lost forever last night and today nothing. So in the meantime, I’m sharing a 700MB iso file of what I found last night, to be burned to CD, and labelled “Noisebox 1.”

This is everything from 2000-2004, completely untouched, with every bit of extras now :)

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Out of the blue, on July 1st, 2017, I was just doing my own thing making music. I had been messing around again FINALLY with music for a full cd project called Armageddon since like 2006 that was cut short and eventually just got appended to the end of OMNIUM as a tribute to the old school stuff since I wanted there to be three albums of two discs that grew with more modern stuff added too. Really I just wanted background music stuff to give to modders for doom to use free so I could finally have a descent name in the community that wasn’t just bad mods, and so that I could practice. Here in the Doomworld forums I was asked to join team Erebus, ran by Iain Lockhart (level designer for Project Warlock). Iain was a cool guy, even cooler when months later after disappearing asked if I wanted to make music for an upcoming throwback shooter. When I joined in, Jakub showed me an offer, which worked for me being unemployed at the time waiting to get back in at the Post Office and stay working there this time. I then got to see the game.

At first glance it looked like a suped up more modern version of Catacomb 3D, which was way before the game Doom, but by the same company. The flatness gave it that Wolfenstein 3D appeal as well, though with a small minimap already surpassed the fun of Wolfenstein 3D for me. This was definitely a tribute to a 90’s game and I loved it. I will be 100% honest though with all of the throwbacks that were spawning at this time I had no clue it would do as well as it did. At worst case scenerio it could have been treated like another of the 1,000 flappy bird clones that came out. Fortunately for all of us, people obsessed over doom for years and years, and this new trend of throwback shooters became a very very good thing! I must say I’m happy as hell with this decision guys! Back when these games came out game companies seemed to have anywhere from one to two maybe if lucky a full team with seperate roles. It’s nothing like today when there are hundreds. So these little treasures took a LOT of work, and my portion was no different. Before I enlisted Luke at the end to help with the Hell theme and Main title, I had to do 65 tracks over a certain length. Though I accidently let a couple slip in that were too short and none of us caught it we were so busy, needless to say in the end when it altogether clocked in at five hours, I felt pretty damn accomplished!

In April of 2018, when the game was more or less completely finished minus countless bug fixes for this half of the year, I was proposed with a plane ticket and free hotel stay to come show off the game at a an independent game convention known as PAX East. It was in Boston, MA and lasted four days. I quickly figured out all the info and got permission if I paid for the extra ticket to bring my then would-be-wife and came back engaged the next week after. It was definitely a well appreciated adventure, though I hardly deserved it just doing the music. I was just the only one in short notice that could make it to such a thing without a Visa. The cool part about our team, is that we were all from different countries entirely. Iain the level designer was communicating with me from Canada. Jakub was Polish, David Key is German, and our past SFX guy and current backup pixel artist are also overseas if I’m not mistaken. Anyways since Jakub couldn’t make it, he was there in spirit. AND In video…

PAX East 2018 Promo Video


Official Launch Trailer 2018

For what seemed like a forever-long process waiting for October so that this thing could be officially released and see how it went, the outcome was worth it. The very day of/morning of I got to see GggManlives, a youtube reviewer I’ve binge watched along with IcarusLives a couple of times, praise the shit out of Project Warlock. Icarus eventually did a review as well. We were on the front feed of PCGamer website, Demonoid did a positive review, it seemed like this wasn’t even real. With all this surrealness about I was making friends with other gamedevs and indie musicians, getting bombarded with likes on social media whereas I totally wouldn’t have done that before, people were excited for me and us, and the news just kept coming…

In 2020… We hit consoles!!! Check out the best trailer for Warlock yet, the “Live Action” PS4 Trailer:

With my two copies of the Nintendo Switch version of Project Warlock, seeing as how I was already given two digital keys for the kids, my parents created a shadow box for me. 4 of the 5 collectable art cards, with three coming per game, I’ve yet to have the fifth. booklet, poster, game, and advert for Super Rare games are all laying around he second sealed copy that has trim around it. It’s hanging on my wall in front of my computer, next to a signed photo of id Software 1992 and a small set of shelves with random cool things, such as the real Project Warlock 4CD OST. In front of that is a fake shotgun shell I got from the gas station that looks just like the one in the Buckshot logo.

Project Warlock II for me is more fun than work. I already have work at my job. This is like my vacation to pretty much be an artist. I’m enjoying all of the new tracks and all of what I see of our game’s deserved sequel. This time I split the task with Luke so we can make an even longer soundtrack with even more heavy stuff for battles and whatnot. Each level has two music tracks, both much longer than the minimum I was to do on the original tracks for PW1. There’s a kickstarter to jokingly raise the same amount Jakub asked for last time, 200 euros. Yeah like Jakub scored 30,000 euros. This kickstarter is basically the main source of information and updates for this game.



The original ep “Phenomaly” in 2004, was six tracks. This album now features the original Phenomaly remix “Blue” as well as several tracks from the same timeframe for the “Otherworldly” soundtrack as well as for college projects that were outtakes, such as “The Castle” which was meant to be my Thanatos music back when it was Castle Kingdom. This was just before I finally learned about Orion and started using Piano Roll for a bit. So in other words until around the “Plugged” era this is basically the end of my guitar playing being the major part of any track.

01 “Phenomaly” has an intro from Pandora’s Toolbox, a royalty-free loops library for ACID I’ve borrowed from on the past 3 releases and finally ended here. There were some eccentric waves on that cd-rom, much weirder in some cases than anything I can use here. This is a catchy guitar track with keyboard laid down later on along with sound effects stretched out. Luckily I was able to save the source files long enough to do track 14, the blue remix of this one.

02 “Vicious Cycle” I love this track. It’s eerie but catchy and exactly what I liked to do back then (see “Happy Horror” later on) It has the perfect blend of keyboard and guitar that accompany each other pretty well I say. I’m proud. That is all.

03 “Plague” This raw track is purely guitar. It’s catchy too, and gritty, and all that good stuff

04 “Wa/ondering” is one of the very first guitar arrangements I came up with in high school for our band “Noose.” The new title replaced the old title “Suffering” because of the original chorus “Now I’m wondering something, what are you wanting, what have you done for me, absolutely nothing.” I guess you could call that EMO? I’m not sure, but hey, it was called “Suffering” so there’s some whine points.

05 “Heaven” was a complete outtake. I was going to use it on the Otherworldly soundtrack with a different title but honestly just tossed it out with the next one

06 “The Depths” I literally labelled the title of this “Sounds Like Car Commercial” and forgot about it. I honestly think its pretty good and with the last track grouped them up here to be released finally and officially on a numbered album with the rest.

07 “Happy Horror” As I spoke of earlier when I was talking about “Vicious Cycle” instead of being keyboard on guitar though this time its guitar over keyboard. Both catchy ass scary tracks I love it!

08 “Vintage 3005” was made in 2004, hence the one number up stupid title :) I used it in college as a backing track, once slowed down a little, for a video you can find on my No Limits Blackjack/other college projects blog post called “Rats of America PSA

09 “The Cleansing” was once the final 30th track of chapter 1 on the Otherworldly soundtrack I’ll probably never finish anyway, so I didn’t want to just toss these songs and not put them anywhere. This is a very pretty guitar song.

10 “Gun In Hand” was track 2 of the new “Pandemonium” for the 4th in the Absynthium series of synth tracks. Nah. If I do ever do that album or continue that series, I’ll just have new tracks. I dig it, and it doesn’t need 30+ tracks to go with it to finally be out there somewhere. It’s minimal, but hey, it’s an interlude.

11 “The Bridge” is another track from the Otherworldly soundtrack, which I will go ahead and reveal right now that I’m giving away free at the end of this blog post today. If it’s not there yet, refresh upon next entry!

12 “Palace In The Sky” is my 2nd favorite from the Otherworldly soundtrack next to Smashing Through, which now got its own album deal ;) It’s all keyboard, like the next track, and its freaking BEAUTIFUL

13 “The Castle” is my second all-keyboard track in this era to be used right after the first. This one wasn’t however for Otherworldly but instead a game that also never existed, but in college. Before Thanatos was an idea for Castle Kingdom. I made 2 tracks. I didn’t like the other one so its nowhere.

14 “Phenomaly (Blue Mix)” Is a favorite of a lot of people, and previously was released as “BLUE” untouched on the Project Warlock OST


This first soundtrack was actually used, and in a previous blog entry for No Limits Blackjack was only available for sampling every track in full but not downloading… Now you can get it all here. Next up, Otherworldly, the game I’ll never make, has a throwaway soundtrack I’m sure going to miss if it weren’t for giving it away to you all free now here!


As for the future of my stuff… let me just make some possible promises here. Maybes if you will. The first four albums were like a redo of some depressing high school tracks given more melody and catchiness. The next two releases #5 and #6 will be Mutations 1 & 2 which will have remixes and modern recreations of a lot of these tracks. MAKINA is getting yet another huge makeover to span two discs, #7 and #8, then Plugged is getting a rerelease (a numbering, that’s it) and a remix album PLUGGED Into the Machine as #9 and #10. After that, I’m continuing on with Machines, Melodies, and Mayhem for two more albums: Blueprint of a Death Machine then Prototype. After a couple of hardcore Organized Chaos albums I’m channeling a lot of “happy” into the next stuff. I’ll keep the general foundations I like to come up with be it guitar or low synth, but expect more catchy melodies and pretty tracks to come in the future ;)

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*NOTE: A lot of the sub-pages (iframes) aren’t done and just lead to 404 pages. This will be corrected in time.

Then I got into DOS games at age 14 when my family had finally got a computer, and immediately became glued to games where you made your own levels (or even roller coasters). Disney Coaster! Corncob 3-D, DOOM!, Heretic, etc etc. I played everything I could find on places that hosted shareware games back in the day. I’d give anything a chance. I started figuring out BATCH programming and ANSI.SYS collaboration with it and came up with some pretty cool stuff back in the day for my family to pick their favorite games on their own made-up menu. My original DOOM days, 1995, are mostly included on the bottom left menu button to this website and not here. However, there were other games or at least are now that are editable. This is only a small list of six on the modbox below including my own Super Mario Bros level modification. More games in smaller amounts of mods or just games I didn’t play that much of are also here on the modbox links at the bottom of this post.

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